MN SIMPLE Masternode Hosting Service is created in first place to support Masternode holders with affordable prices, and worry free opportunity to host your masternodes.
– We are hosting “hot” wallets on our servers for you, so you don’t need to worry about sometimes complicated Linux installs, maintenance, or updates.
– To host your Masternode we need your minimum interaction as such like sending us your Masternode transaction ID, and we send you back configuration.
– You ***ARE NOT SENDING*** to us any of your Masternode collateral payment or rewards. Those remains safe in your local wallet.

– Our service you can pay in PayPal or coin of your Masternode, or any other major crypto currencies.

– Please make sure when Registering to use a valid email address and verify it, this way you will be receiving all information about your service with MN Simple.

*If your Coin is not available in Crypto Payments, you can choose any available or contact our support.

Coins recently added to MN Simple service

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