How to add your HOT masternode into MN Simple Service

This is example or simple guide how can you purchase and start your HOT masternode service with MN Simple:

  • In this example we used InnovaCoin
  • In your local wallet, create new receiving address, and copy it.
  • Go to Send, and in field Pay To, paste your newly created address
  • Go to inputs and select minimum 5001 INN available coins, and click OK.
  • In Amount field type in exactly 5000 and click on Send, and confirm transaction (Note: you are sending this payment to yourself, to outside your wallet)
  • Click on Transactions, there you will see “Payment to yourself” transaction, double click on it and you will get your new transaction details
  • One of the information within transaction detail is “Transaction ID : ” (It’s a long number and it looks like this: 76d1e9f6c757a8ae7532e6e26ec3d71201a8f73fed364e474b0c455dd8e58f0f), copy that number you will need it for your purchase order.
  • Go back to Shop, choose InnovaCoin, Add to Cart
  • Click on Cart, (if there is any Promotional Codes apply it) and Proceed to Checkout
  • Enter your Name and Valid email address (Those will show up if you are already registered with our service) (Note: Valid email address is necessary because you will be receiving your masternode configuration file and all future information about the service itself.)
  • Under “Additional information” please copy and paste your MN collateral Transaction ID (the long transaction number created earlier)
  • If you adding more then one masternode, then list additional MN collateral transaction ID’s under “Your additional collateral MN Transaction ID’s (optional)” field
  • Choose your payment method, we offer you PayPal and MN Simple Crypto Payment Gateway
    1. If you choose PayPal, then make sure that you check and confirm Terms and Conditions, click on Place Your Order, and follow PayPal checkout.
    2. MN Simple Crypto Payment Gateway:
      • If you choose MN Simple Crypto Payment Gateway, they you have option to choose between listed Crypto coins, once when you do, an automated calculation will be done, and you will final cost in desired coins.
      • Make crypto coin payment from your crypto wallet, make sure that you pay exact amount, and copy payment transaction id.
      • Once when done please check “I have completed the coin transfer successfully!
      • Check Terms and Conditions box
      • Click on Place your Order
      • Minimum 6 transactions confirmation will initiate service approval process.
  • You will receive your order confirmation at your account email.
  • Our administrators will start working on your service as soon payment is confirmed.
  • Once when ready Administrators will send you back to your email “masternode.conf” file or masternode configuration file line which you will add/replace/edit within you local wallet masternode.conf file.
  • As soon you edit all information within your local wallet masternode.conf file, you will need to restart your wallet
  • When wallet restarted, UNLOCK it, then for to My Masternodes, and Start your new Masternode.
  • In some time your newly created Masternode will change it’s status into Pre-Enabled, then in some time to Enabled.
  • When all this done, you may wait for your first masternode rewards.

Note: Your masternode collateral payment to yourself must have minimum 16 confirmations (in some cases even 21) before you can start your masternode.

Note 2: If you see any issues with starting your masternode you may contact any of our administrators at email , directly at Discord, or you can open a ticket at Contact us and we will assist you until your masternode is up and running.

Thank you.

Your MN Simple Team