How to start your SagaCoin HOT masternode with MN Simple Service

This is example or simple guide how can you start your SagaCoin HOT masternode service with MN Simple:

  • At MN Simple choose one SagaCoin hosting service (or as many you like), and proceed to Cart and Checkout
    • If payment of your choice is not available, please contact admins to assist you.
  • As soon we receive your order, we will provide you back with IP address and port which you will use during creation of your new SagaCoin masternode.
  • At your local wallet, go to Masternodes, then My Masternodes tab, and there click on Create…
    • In “Alias” enter any name you like for your new Masternode (please use single word without any spacial characters)
    • Under “Address”  please enter IP address plus port which we provided to you earlier, and click OK
    • Note: The steps above do create your new Receiving address which will be the same as your MN Alias name
  • Since at this moment Saga does not have “locked” masternode transactions (it will be updated in new wallet upgrade) you must be careful which available coins you will use to your masternode collateral transaction. So you will need to enable “Coin control” in your local wallet.
    • Go to Options, there choose “Display” tab, and enable “Coin control” and click OK
  • Go back to “My Masternodes”, highlight your newly created masternode and click on “Copy Address”
    • Note this is your new masternode receiving address
  • Click on Send tab, paste your receiving address into “Pay To” field
  • Click on “Inputs” (in inputs you will be able to choose which available coins you will use for this transaction)
  • “Coin Control” window will open and from there select enough coins for your Masternode collateral payment (For Saga select 2501 SAGA or more) and click OK.
  • In Amount field type in exactly 2500 and click on Send, and confirm transaction (Note: you are sending this payment to yourself, to outside your wallet)
    • Note: your transaction must have minimum 16 confirmation before you can start your masternode.
  • Go back to “Masternodes” and “My Masternodes” tab, click on your new masternode and then click “Get Config”
    • you will get window “Masternodes Node Configuration Template
    • From there you will need to copy value of “masternodeprivatekey= ” and send it back to us.
  • As soon we receive your “masternodeprivatekey= ” we will include it in configuration at server side and let you know that you can start your new Masternode at your local wallet side.
    • When you receive information from us that your masternode is ready, simply open your local wallet, UNLOCK it, go to “Masternodes – My Masternodes” highlight your new masternode and click on Start button, and you will receive following message:
    • “Adrenaline Node at Your_MN_IP_address:port started”
  • When all this done, you may wait for your first Masternode rewards.

Note: Your masternode collateral payment to yourself must have minimum 16 confirmations (in some cases even 21) before you can start your masternode.

Note 2: If you see any issues with starting your masternode you may contact any of our administrators at email , directly at Discord, or you can open a ticket at Contact us and we will assist you until your masternode is up and running.

Thank you.

Your MN Simple Team