Please find below basic questions and answers. If we did not cover something with it, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Q: How can I pay MN Simple Service
A: Choose Currency , send exactly as Calculated +fee and add TX ID of transaction in Field for TX ID

Q: Am I billed monthly ?
A: Prices are for one month , you can pay for month or more .

Q: Are updates handled automatically for me?
A: Yes, we will handle all updates on our masternode servers.

Q: What happens when my plan expires?
A: Option one, you will receive notification email, and you will be able to renew your plan.
Option two, you can manually extend your plan.
We will turn off Service in 24 hours.

Q: How safe are my coins with MN Simple?
A: We don’t hold any coins, all coins are in your wallet , we provide only Server Side Service.

Q: What is required to setup a Masternode using MN Simple service?
A: You will need a cryptocurrency wallet holding the required cryptocurrency collateral (with the transaction id)

Q: What is required to launch a masternode? How to setup Masternode ?
A: Wallet on your side , masternode.conf setup , we will send you IP address , port and MN key (except for SAGA)
If you don’t know how to set up, we will assist you in Discord .

Q: Which Masternode Coins does your service support?
A: Right now we are hosting InnovaCoin (INN) , SagaCoin (SAGA) , Monkey Project (MONK) ,COLX , Gobyte ,Syndicate , Konjugate ,Rupaya , if we don’t have Service for Coin please contact us on Discord and our team will add that coin (note that we will not charge anything for new coin until you receive first reward )

Q: Do you control my private keys? (NO WAY!)
A: No. Never give access to any of your Private keys. There are plenty of risks if you give others remote control or send them your masternode coins and private keys. With our Services, all local wallet private keys belong to you. You should never share them with anyone.

Q: How do I trust you?
A: We already host 600 MNs + (as June 2019 , rapidly increasing number of MN’s) you can always contact us on discord or ask users in Discord if they are satisfied with our Service. MN Simple team is combined of trusted and experienced and involved in many alt coin’s as official technical support or part of the Core Teams.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be processed?
A: 24 hours maximum (in most cases few hours only )

Q: What is easiest way to contact you?
A: Very easy, you can contact us at our Discord channel, email or at Contact us page.