Dear MLM Masternode holders.


  • As you know MLM having issues with wallet blocks hangs, and the main reason for it is bad wallet itself.
  • MLM Team did wallet upgrade, but they did not change protocol version, so we still see new wallets trying to get to old wallet version.
  • MLM Team did not respond on our complains and comments about bad wallet and split-chain issues.
  • MLM Team official could not provide us with official “seed nodes”.
  • Masternode getting of “Enabled” mode


  • MN Simple decided to build our own “MLM seed nodes” and we have 10 of it up and running.
  • MN Simple did re-indexed all hot wallets at servers side.


  • If you see your masternode at any status but “Enabled” please start it back again.
  • If your masternode after start does not come into “Enabled” status after one hour, please open a support ticket with MN Simple at “MN Simple Support Ticket”  and please provide us with as much details is possible about your not working masternode. (Please include masternode line and also your subscription/order number)
  • MN Simple will do our best to help that your nodes remains stable and without any interruptions.
  • MN Simple will keep monitoring all nodes, and if some cannot be repaired promptly then we will move it to new servers to minimize down times for you. (We prepared many extra wallets for such situation.)

Thank you for understanding

MN Simple