Last revision date: June 14th 2019

Service Level Agreement

Services Level Agreement covering quick response of our team in case of any issues with our service. Our team response within maximum 8-12 hours from the moment when issue is reported to resolve your issues. Usually MN Simple team respond instantly but do to the some customers geo-location there may be some waiting time.

Ticket support ETA

The ticket system is enabled 24/7. This does not mean that you will receive an immediate response. Tickets are treated in order of arrival and of latest answer. This means that frequently “bumping” your ticket by repeated queries will potentially slow down your response time. Please note that tickets are not to be seen as live chat, and immediate responses are very rare. Our support staff is most active during the above hours, but we will frequently extend those hours when the need arises.

Service delivery times

Services are usually delivered within 24 hours after payment is received. Usually delivery time is much faster since we already do have prepared some services ready to be deployed. Note: If for any reason your service is not delivered in 24 hours, your service will be extended for wait time with no additional fee. Please note that you may not purchase new services from MN Simple while overage invoices are due.

Re-installation and wallet upgrade fees

MN Simple will be following any updates/upgrades for services we are providing and we will no charge customers with any fees for the same.

General refund guidelines

We will not refund or credit under the following circumstances:

  • Failing to ask a question on the nature of our services, or a particular spec or configuration.
  • Account termination or suspension due to non-following of our Terms of Service.
  • Account termination or suspension due to any kind of illegal activity.
  • Service termination or suspension due to non-payment, or late payment of any services, licenses, or add-ons attached to said services
  • Already given credits
  • Changing your mind
  • Funds added to the account

We reserve the final decision on refunds, based on the situation and reason for cancellation. The general rule is, if there is an issue on a server, our staff will dedicate themselves to fixing it. Any delays that prevent our customer from using their services will be credited, and issues that we are simply unable to solve will be refunded. It is important to note that refund requests based on information that was included in the terms of service or clearly available on our website will always be refused. If you have any questions about our services, please issue a request to our support staff before making any purchase.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about support, services, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:

MN SIMPLE Contact us

MN SIMPLE Discord channel